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Our Main Services

  • Non Emergency Medical Transportation
  • Hospital Discharges
  • Dialysis, Wound Care & Chemotherapy Transportation
  • Outpatient Day Surgery
  • Wheelchair Transportation Wheel Chair

We are the premier non-emergency medical transportation provider in Houston, TX.

Offering compassionate, expert care for your ambulatory patient transport, wheelchair transport, and specialty transportation needs. Wherever you need to go, know that with INSTAMED EMS, you will arrive safely.

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Frequently Asks Questions

Below are some of the questions we get asked the most.

Basic transport calls are utilized for routine transportation and can include oxygen administration and cardiac monitoring if needed. Advanced transportation services could include IV administration, EKGs and suction, etc when deemed medically necessary.

**Bariatric Patients may need additional assistance and will incur an extra charge for additional EMT's.

Once you have scheduled a transport a minimum of 24 hours prior to your appointment, you can expect 2 Licensed Emergency Medical Technicians {EMT's} to arrive at your pickup address within 10 to 15 minutes of your requested pick up time. The EMT's will take your Blood Pressure and Heart Rate and ask you a few questions for documentation purposes. They will also document a general assessment of your health based on visual observation.

Since you will be traveling by stretcher, you will be transferred to the stretcher by assisted ambulation or 2 man direct lift.

You will be loaded into the ambulance and one EMT will ride with you in the back of the ambulance to your destination. During the transport they may take your vitals a second time. Once at the destination you will be brought into the building and assisted off of the stretcher. The receiving facility will be required to sign a transfer of care form. If you have made arrangements for the ambulance to transport you home they will arrive at the designated time.

All stretcher transportation requires a Certificate of Medical Necessity or a Physician Certificate Statement to bill insurance. Your Healthcare provider can sign the form electronically on our software when we arrive at your destination.

Some destinations like Dialysis, Wound Care and Chemotherapy are covered by most insurances. Please be sure to check with your insurance to verify if in fact they cover these services. If these services are not covered you will be billed and responsible for the charges.

**Repetitive Non Emergent Transport may require a 60 Day Prior Authorization which you will need to obtain before your first transport.
Yes we do accept Credit Cards for payment. All patients are required to provide a credit card, so in the instance your insurance doesn't cover or only partially covers your service your card will be charged the remaining balance. This will also apply to Co-Pays and Deductibles which will be collected once a response has been received from your insurance company.
In the state of Texas Doctor's appointments for (Stretcher or Wheelchair) are generally NOT covered by insurance. Please be sure to review the pricing on our website or call us prior to scheduling.

Our Services

Our skilled team of EMT's and paramedics are on hand 24 hours per day for all of your patient transport needs. We offer assisted transportation services to both ambulatory and wheelchair-bound individuals for a variety of needs!

  • Transportation to and from medical appointments, such as Dialysis, Wound Care, Chemotherapy etc.
  • Transport to regular doctors visits
  • Assisted transportation following hospital discharge
  • Inter facility transportation
  • Transportation services for adult family homes and senior citizen centers
  • Airport transportation for elderly and disabled citizens with medical necessity
  • Medical transportation support for special events or family gatherings
  • Transport home from outpatient surgery
  • Long distance transportation .... and more!

Contact us today and tell us about your unique assisted travel needs. We keep you mobile, so you can enjoy independence and find greater fulfillment in each and every day.